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Articles by Carol Walker


By Carol Walker


Alpine has long been known for the restorative value of its climate—especially for those suffering from asthma.  For years there was a sign in the community that touted:  Welcome to Alpine - Best Climate in the USA, by Government Report.


Albert Simonson is an ardent historian.  He has traced the history of local pioneers and has provided a wealth of information to the Alpine Historical Society.  Albert and his wife Bonnie now live in Santa Ysabel and he continues to be one of our most important resources—he makes history come alive.  The following article by Albert introduces us to of one of Alpine’s famous residents – Justin Gruelle.

Have you ever wondered about why Election Day is the Tuesday after the first Monday in November?  I have, so thought I’d follow up and see what could be found on this issue.

Many of us can remember taking a trip as a child and looking for the Burma Shave Signs along the highway. What fun we had watching for those entertaining signs—which always had a message.

Like many great success stories, Burma Shave started by happenstance. The product was created by the Odell family (one of grandpa Odell’s concoctions) and began as a liniment sold to folks who were ill. It wasn’t doing well, so a chemist was hired and, after 300 mixtures were tried, Burma Shave, a brushless shaving cream, was born.