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It's getting pretty hard for

It's getting pretty hard for me to contain my complete annoyance with such a well meaning group of people. I am so sick of the phrase, "I support our teachers." It's meaningless. OF COURSE YOU SUPPORT TEACHERS. EVERYONE SUPPORTS TEACHERS. This is not a battle of who does or does not support teachers. This is about the fact my child's teachers are WILLINGLY WALKING OFF THE JOB leaving our kids in a state of confusion, perhaps even fear, when we take them to school on Thursday. This strike will effect my child, my family and my work. It will cost me money, this district money and teachers money. And why? Because they think they deserve more, better. EVERYONE DESERVES MORE, BETTER - ESPECIALLY OUR CHILDREN. Forget about the infinitely debatable facts and figures being skewed and spewed in every direction. Forget about the fact that the district is already suffering and will now suffer more. The blame for what is happening indisputably falls squarely on the shoulders of teachers AND the district. So help me, you teachers, you "supportive" parents, and you union money hounds, there is no pride in leaving kids in the dust so you can carry a useless sign on a stick. This isn't a steel mill or a coal mine where somebody might not get an inanimate object on time. These are defenseless children who are losing out on learning, normalcy and perhaps even safety. You should all be hiding your faces in shame in the same fox hole as the superintendent and the board. Not one of you is better than the other.


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