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I hear what you are saying...

I hear what you are saying... I am not an Alpine teacher, but I do teach in East County. I am mortified that the teachers of Alpine need to strike. This is the absolute last thing that a teacher wants to do. Teachers are not WILLINGLY WALKING OFF THE JOB! They are being forced to, to maintain their salaries/benefits/etc. No teacher will be happy to strike. They will be heart-broken. Your children DO DESERVE MORE! Do you think that Alpine Schools will attract excellent teachers if their pay is significantly less that surrounding districts? One needs to look at the big picture here. Hopefully, the district and the teachers can settle quickly -- the reason for the strike. A child WILL NOT LOSE OUT ON LEARNING OR BE AT RISK FOR SAFETY if the teachers need to be out of the classrooms for a couple of days. I guarantee you the teachers will be more upset than most of the students. I am sorry for all involved.


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