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Are Alpine students being hurt by the AUSD's inability to negotiate and the teachers' frustration levels?

A bit of a loaded question

A bit of a loaded question that is clearly pointed at AUSD being the bad guy here. I personally applaud financial rsponsability when spending my tax dollars. The fact that the state takes those dollars and sends them outside our community is our own fault as we voted them into office. The reality is that he strike will probably do the opposit of what the teachers want. It is likely that some parents will begin thinking the same way as I and consider home schooling or other options outside of the AUSD.

Of course the children are

Of course the children are being hurt, but they will be hurt much more in the long run by having teachers who are undervalued, underpaid, and overworked. Good for the teachers for standing up for themselves, to get the tools they need to help their students!

Of course the children's

Of course the children's education is being hindered, Alpine Sun.

AUSD needs to treat the teachers with respect and work with them to come to a compromise that meets the needs of all concerned, the teachers, the students, the parents, and the community. That is the purpose of negotiations!